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Err this isn't really a lesson...


The two forms that you label "cheating" are Fm and F#m. The slight difference in the sound is the difference between a major chord and a minor chord. I just went back up and read it again, if you mute the G string in those shapes you are not even playing a chord, it is just two different notes. Also, I agree this is not a lesson. I realize that someone did ask for it, and you are just trying to provide, however, I believe it would be better solved maybe through a message than this. Even then, some lesson requests can be ignored, take for example:

by smaaa

Types Of Chords


yeah i realize that but ive sent out messages to five people and none of them replied, i figured more people would get a use out of me putting it into a lesson. however, if you would rather me do nothing for the one (or many) people/person who wanted to know this than fine. and yes, i realize the cheating is not the actual chord, who really cares though? he asked for hte easiest way to play it, and if you play it, a tuner will say its an F/F#. it sounds the same, except for the minor (and i dont mean it changes it to a minor, i mean slight difference) change in which i already talked about.

and there are multiple other things on here that are a lot more worthless than this...

but, obviously, if you already know something, learning it again is you... not to all the others that dont know it....

but, if we wanna get real technical, the chords, when played the "cheating" ways are still chords its just adding a fifth and calling it a "power chord" instead of the actual chord....


I'm not telling you to stop making lessons, i'm not a moderator so it does not really matter to me what lessons are made, but I think that if you have a lesson it should have a little more depth. I realize there are things more worthless on the site, but try to up the bar a little.

Also, you are not adding a fifth, you are playing the root not and its fifth, a chord requires three different notes.


ok, well i havent dug too deep into music theory, so im not exact on all my terminology, but its considered by this site (and pretty much anyone else you ask) to be an F5 power chord or an F#5 power chord. and im not really too sure how to go any deeper with this lesson, if you have any suggestions other than what we went over in the comments already (seeing as people who are trying to learn can read this) then tell me; but right now there is nothing i can think of to add onto how to play F's and F#'s... that was all the lesson was supposed to teach, hence the name being "F and F#"


Just so you and everyone else knows; power chords aren't actually chords because they don't hold more than three different notes, which is required in order to call anything a chord.

I also mean no offense when I say this; but you should really make sure you know exactly what you're doing before you post lessons, if you teach something when you've only just learnt it there will naturally be errors in it because you haven't had enough time to let it sink in fully, ontop of knowing all the other important information required. But I'm saying this because if you discover you've done something wrong in one of your discussions other people would be lead believing that it was the right way to go.


Jazzy and Meister23 are absolutly right. If you get requests Shawn, then message them that they can look this up on the site right up top of the page where it says "guitar chords". A lesson is for example something in depth like Jazzy's How to Sing, or my Guide to Sweep Picking. Not posting up one chord, that someone cand find. A lesson, on this site at least, is something to inform a group of people on something that cannot be obsertained on this website, or even other websites. Get the idea? We aren't bashing you or trying to embarass or harass you. We are simply helping you, and this site as a whole.

Welcome to the site, and ask plenty of questions, don't be afraid to ask!


Oh by the way Shawn, I checked out your profile...System of A Down RULES!!!


i know you all keep saying go more in depth, but again, show me how i could get any more in depth on this other than marking the notes you are playing on each fret? there is nothing....

and i meant my terminology can be wrong sometimes, i still know what everything is/how it works....

and yeah, SOAD is amazing...i just wish there were more bands like em...

just to make sure though, you have heard of Scars On Broadway right? its Daron and Johns band (guitarist and drummer)...they have a few other people in there, i dont know who they are off the top of my head though..

listen to em, theyre pretty cool


i dont think theyre saying that this lesson needs to be more in depth, i think theyre saying there doesnt need to be a lesson for this. theres a chords tool that shows us all of this on the site


power chords are harmonic intervals


Yeah, there should be a way for mods to delete requests. Some of them definately do not require lessons.


The answer to a request is an explanation for someone to learn. therefore it's a lesson.


A power interval is a closer name.

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