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5 Jul 2008 18:19 | Quote
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im having a problem? on acoustic i feel more comfortable than i do on electric, picking wise on acoustic my picking is clean and quick but on electric i feel awkward and need my pinkie finger to rest against the pick guard for help. As when my hand just floats above the strings unaided this is when i have trouble with co ordination and speed yet on acoustic im fine because my palm rest nicely at the bridge. Will i improve my floating tecnique or shall i rest my pinkie ive heard this hinders players but for me i play faster on electric? with my pinkie down
5 Jul 2008 18:28 | Quote
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its probably just what ur used too, maybe try hooking ur pinkie on the pickup
5 Jul 2008 18:35 | Quote
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the feel of the two guitars is prob causing the prob. put down the acoustic for a few weeks and work with the electric only. Most likely you'll adjust.
5 Jul 2008 19:11 | Quote
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I have always said that an acoustic is a different insterment from the electric
7 Jul 2008 22:43 | Quote
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I usually place my pinky just below the strings (or even under the bottom two) when I'm playing electric. I can't rest my wrist on the bridge like a lot of people since I have a floating bridge.

It's probably just differences between the size of the guitar, the action of the strings, and the neck diameter that are messing you up.

Phip's advice is probably best. I've been playing a mix of acoustic and electric for a few months now ever since my girlfriend bought me my own acoustic guitar for my birthday. I've played each long enough now that I'm completely comfortable with either.

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