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Anyone got relative or perfect pitch here?

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24 Aug 2008 18:46 | Quote
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and if so have you got any tips on be able to pick out what notes are by ear?
24 Aug 2008 19:14 | Quote
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i have my aural skills built to the point i can generally transcribe a song to a staff in about 20 minutes, note for note, in key.

you need to start with doing interval training for about a hour, hour and a half every day. once you can transcribe a song in relative key very quickly, memorize the pitch of middle C. it will take a while.
25 Aug 2008 11:49 | Quote
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hey i'm new here.
what about those free software...? there some quite good, though you need to be persitent
however, for online exersicing i would advise (in english and spanish version).

good luck!
25 Aug 2008 18:02 | Quote
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Your asking if there are any gods ,I'm not one
25 Aug 2008 19:08 | Quote
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atually, most people with PERFECT pitch are not musicians - and don't even like music. it's almost like localized synethasia. they can hear dissonances and harmonies we can not, and no instrument seems to be in tune to them. even on big label recordings, nothing will seem in tune to them. it's not a good thing.

absolute pitch, is what mozart, beethoven, asian 11 year olds, have. it's the adaption of the perfect pitch mechanism to actual music - which is why they are both musically adept and able to enjoy it as the rest of us do. it is, however, not a 'godlike' ability, as very few great musicians have it, and a great many that have it are either not musicians or not really special ones. a useful talent, to be sure, and it would certainly predispose you to musical affinities, but merely possessing it is not godlike.

i might have reversed absolute and perfect pitch here, i dunno.
26 Aug 2008 17:44 | Quote
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I can recognize most chords in a rock song but I still have trouble recognizing the key.
Sometimes I name a key correctly but I do not know why.

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