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Electro Acoustic Guitar Strings

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25 Aug 2008 07:56 | Quote
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Hay guys,

I was wondering if Acoustic Guitar Strings would work on my electro acoustic guitar, would the pick-up still work or are the electro acoustic strings made differently so that they do work with a pick-up?

If so what strings shall i get steel or phozser bronze and any good makes?

I've been told that the 'elixir phozser bronze' are good strings.

Thanks in advance

25 Aug 2008 11:40 | Quote
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I don't think they will. your pickups are magnets that pickups the vibrations form the strings. I don't the acoustic strings have enought iron in them to pick up properly.
25 Aug 2008 12:01 | Quote
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no, ive strung acoustic strings on an electric, the tone was slighty diminished but it worked. and on an electro acoustic you can put on anything but nylon. unless its a nylon string mic pick up
25 Aug 2008 12:07 | Quote
Joined: 16 Aug 2008
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if it has a magnetic pickup, you must use strings containing a ferrous metal. if it has a microphone pickup, you can put anything on it but acoustic strings will work better. if it has no pickup, acoustic strings will sound better, but electics will work.
25 Aug 2008 13:09 | Quote
Joined: 25 Aug 2008
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Thanks guy that helped alot!

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