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Just a quick question how would you play say a G major arpeggio


Pick it all up-down,


Pick just the fretted notes or a mixture?


I've been trying to get down arpeggios but can't get the picking to sound right to myself..
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All of your above examples are correct. To play an arpeggio you simply play the notes of a chord in sequence rather than in unison.
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mmm... ill be glad 2 help..
If you wanna play the entire chord on an arpegio, its easier to just let the pick go down

Its a very common and basic way of arpegios to play first the bass string and then continue with 3, 2, 1 strings. With only that pattern you can create lots of combinations like 6, 3,1,3,1,2
6, 2, 3, 2, 1.

man, if you were here id had no problem explaining

There are no rules, is something else i can say, you dont need to start on the bass string use your imagination
theres this site with lots of classic guitar tabs, and classical guitar uses lots of arpegios

hope this helps, though im in a hurry, im doing this job 4 my dad

oh.. you edited it....
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Thanks guys :)
Both replies were helpful, think I have it sorted now, just have to find that spot which to my own ear sounded 'sweet' to start from, you helped me find it woo =]
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i rarely play arpeggios but when i play i sometimes think it as an sequence and i play thicker strings to strong notes to strenghten rhythm
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You can also check out my lesson on scales and arpeggios, that'll show you another position. :)

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