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on barre chords and strumming patterns

4 Jun 2009 15:05 | Quote
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South Africa
Hey there!

So I have been playing for a year and a few months.I got most of my open chords down, major, minor, sevenths and some suspended. I also know basic barre chords, on the fifth and sixth roots, major, minor, sevenths, but I'm not as competent with them yet.

First question:
How can I work on my speed in changing barre chords? I've been practicing a while but can't get that smooth swap between chords like the normal open ones. I'm especially slow with 5th root sevenths.

Second question:
Does anyone have any tips regarding strum patterns? I have learned quite a few, but can't seem to incorporate them when trying to learn a song. if I am given the strum pattern, then I can usually figure it out, but obviously it would be to my advantage if I didn't have to ask :)

4 Jun 2009 15:39 | Quote
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I just made an exercise for bar chords yesterday.

First I pick a key, I was useing A Maj a few seconds ago. Start with an open A chord then switch to Bm, back to open A then to C#m, back to open A then D, back to open A then E, back to open A then F#m, back to open A then G#dim.

You work through all of the common chords for the given key but use bar chords for all but the open chord you started with. keep going back to the same open chord. Once you work through all the bar and dim chords go to a different open chord in the key like D Maj.

D, A, D, Bm, D, C#m, D, E, D, F#m, D, G#dim.

Then go to another open chord like E maj.

E, A, E, Bm, E, C#m, E, D, E, F#m, E, G#dim.

Just change keys every couple of days and you will cover all the different bar chord patterns.
This is also a good way to learn the common chords for each Key.
4 Jun 2009 19:26 | Quote
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I've been working on a lesson that talks about this kinda the same basic idea as les_paul. Great idea to keep it in a key.

if you need to work on a smooth transition between chords follow what LP said you will really see some improvements.
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And the biggest thing to remember: Patience. Honestly, whenever you feel like you've reached your peak on guitar playing, or its getting frustrating, never give up. Because once you get to that point and push through, you will find something else on the guitar that will inspire you again. This has happened to me about 4 times, and ive been playing for a little over 7 years. If at some time you get to where you feel like throwing in the towel, try another instrument, then go back. It usually helps.

Best of luck!
5 Jun 2009 12:11 | Quote
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To first question, practice will help... also for me helped that I consentrate on to keep finger position same when moving on fretboard, also i like to keep fingers near strings when i move position. Also slow down the tempo as slow that you can do it right, then gradually increase tempo. Use the metronome or drumtrack is recommended.

keep goin on m8.

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