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passing chords

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6 Jun 2009 21:51 | Quote
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i'm just trying to find out how do u choose passing chords and substitutes like the keyboard players do.
7 Jun 2009 13:19 | Quote
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Passing chords are chords which are played out of the original key and are just there to add a little spice to the music. Play them however you want, just as long as it does sound good.
7 Jun 2009 13:51 | Quote
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you need to have a very good/complete foundation in basic theory to understand and get the most out of. so if you do get Ted Greene's, "Chord Chemistry" it is exactly what your looking for and only one section needs to know how to read Dots and if i remember correctly(way to lazy to go across the room and get it) it is about transcribing music with a strong recommendation for studying Bach(importantly the 371 chorals). now if you don't start learning you theory. you need to know all your triads and relations just to start.

link to amazon:

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