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Hollow bodys/semi hollow body electrics

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7 Jun 2009 14:45 | Quote
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hey i was just wondering what the difference was between hollow and semi hollow body and also what brands are good. i really wanted some kind of Les Paul but i went to a music store and saw an Ibanez semi hollow body and was totally blown away with it. my price range is 500 and under used and i play a lot of styles except death metal and stuff like that.thanks
7 Jun 2009 15:28 | Quote
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a semi-hollow body will have a a solid piece of wood running underneath the top where the neck meets, the pickups are. The semi hollow bodys will not feed back as bad as the hollow bodys.

The straight hollow body's will be completely hollow.

I've got an epiphone Dot from the late 80's or 90's and i it. I've got my eye on an epiphone es-175. Ibanez make some pretty good hollow and semi-hollow boxes

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