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7 Jun 2010 00:33 | Quote
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when's the last time you watched MTV and saw an awesome music video? i'm going to guess... 12 years ago? i would like to start a thread where we can share some "awesome" music videos. music videos are really in a weird place right now --- on one hand, itunes has destroyed the typical method of music distribution. on the other hand, youtube has made the "viral" video very important.

the idea here is... i would like to see videos that aren't "well known". i want to see obscure videos that are awesome, and make you think. i don't want to see videos for songs that you like that have lame/stupid videos. yeah, that's subjective. but what can i do about it? nothing. user your own judgement!

i'm going to kick things off with two examples.

the first video i saw first on 120 minutes with matt pinfield on MTV back when i was in high school. this is a local band, these guys mean a lot to me, and i've met steve ewing a few times in person. steve and adam (guitar) still play acoustic sets locally, and they are some of my favorite shows to go to. this is a lot of blahblahblah, all that aside, this video is great because... who wouldn't want to be bouncing around on a pogostick????

nice PRS

number 2 is a little more avant-garde. this is an R-rated video, it's kind of messed up, very graphic, and i can't watch it without going "OHHHHH!!!!!" and clapping. it was directed by eric werheim of "tim & eric awesome show". i like using this video as an example because... i like the song enough... but i wouldn't like it as much without this killer video. you know?

okay i've rambled enough. share:
7 Jun 2010 01:24 | Quote
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BROTHERSPORT!! i really like how i still have no clue whats going on in this video

i just discovered this video as i was looking up other videos for this topic

another claymation

my other favorite ac video

i really like the song to the second video you posted and that video is crazy.

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