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chords/scales with sound?

16 Jun 2010 16:25 | Quote
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Was it this site that used to have a little midi file or something that accompanied each scale/chord? I remember a site my brother was on that had the exact same layout as this one, with the exception that you could get a midi clip of what the chord sounded like. I know there are a few out there, but no one else has the selection that all-guitar's got. Any ideas?
16 Jun 2010 16:33 | Quote
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jam section?
16 Jun 2010 16:35 | Quote
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Hey Terra, if you click on the Jam Tab, you can input your own chords via the selection and then play your chord or chord progression.

Hope that helped!

«Rock on!»
17 Jun 2010 09:33 | Quote
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I tried the jam tab, but what I had meant was under the 'guitar scales' tab. Something that would chime out the scale so one would know how it's supposed to sound, as opposed to someone trying to play it out on the guitar first, and possibly getting frustrated. Thanks for your help though, guys!
19 Jul 2010 20:30 | Quote
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Try the chords to scale or scale to chords sections

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