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fender tuners I, II, III, IIII, I, I

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7 Jul 2010 12:30 | Quote
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i own a 2000 mexican strat. i bought it used, i assume it has stock tuners on it. the other day i disassembled it and noticed the following roman numeral-esque engravings on each of the tuners (from high E to low E)

I - II - III - IIII - I - I

what is the significance? i replaced the tuners in the same position from where i removed them, i'm just curious.
9 Jul 2010 14:17 | Quote
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dont know
9 Jul 2010 15:12 | Quote
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I found this on a blog. I dont think they mean anything:

Those roman numerals do NOT indicate differences in specification. Those are die numbers, and are intended for the benefit of the guys that are casting these machine bodies. If several IVs fail to pass inspection, they know which casting components to tear down and inspect. I've pulled many many Fender and Squier tuners, and the numbers are strictly random in the way they fall.

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