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finger streching

17 Jul 2010 13:43 | Quote
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Does anyone know of a way to practice streching that is not boreing? Or too repiticious. If it aint fun I wont do it. I know. I'll never learn this way. But,,,,,,,,,,,
17 Jul 2010 14:43 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Ok, from the start - that is THE WORST way to think EVER. If you really wanna get to the top you have to work for it - and the work is boring a lot of the time. But if you don't have the ambition to enjoy what you're doing then it might not be the right career choice for you.

But instead of just playing simple things over and over again e.g. a 5,8,12 fret stretch... then listen to some music and try to jamercise (jam & exercise) to it.
17 Jul 2010 14:46 | Quote
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JazzMaverick says:
try to jamercise (jam & exercise) to it.!

Underlined, seconded!!
17 Jul 2010 14:49 | Quote
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ok thanks

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