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Galt Strawberry festival

Band Promotion
19 May 2012 23:41 | Quote
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whats up guys? Tomorrow I got a gig backing local country talent natalie gray for a 20minute battle of the bands set at the galt strawberry festival. super stoked is I. Here is a sample of her playing solo. Lemme know what you think.

22 May 2012 04:53 | Quote
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Hey, I've sorted out your glitches.

When posting youtube videos this site only accepts the old html code, so make sure to always tick that box when getting it off of youtube. :)

Nice video by the way! Cool groove.
22 May 2012 11:09 | Quote
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What did you play to back this up? Chords? Soloing? Accordian?
22 May 2012 16:37 | Quote
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Thanks you again ms. jazzy. Always to the rescue. (: And it is a cool groove huh?

@tsb I played bass. I wanted to play guitar,but the other person I had playing with me(dad) was being a whiny prima donna,who if he didnt get to play guitar,would just forget the whole gig.

Anywho the results were,we got to play in front of a crowd of around
250+,although the festival had an estimated 10k patrons. So more may have watched. We came in second,and at a loss of only 5 votes. We played against a pop-punk band,who won. And deathcore band.,and a few others. The band that won were legit pro"s with t-shirts,cds ect. PLus the set was supposed to be 20min per band,they bent the rules and played 45min straight.

Im proud of my band though. We didnt ave a drummer,and only three days to prepare and we got nuts applause just on our talent,and guts to get up in stage.

My previous band,flaked out. But i had already submited the name Good vibes as our name. So we did country with the band name good vibes Lmao.

Anyway it was a blast,And I would definently do it again.


###pics will be up in a week or so (:

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