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guitar flucking help

11 Mar 2008 04:48 | Quote
Joined: 11 Mar 2008
sir, good day...
i just want to ask, what is the standard procedure and how it is done when flucking in guitar specially in love song?

11 Mar 2008 14:11 | Quote
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flucking? is tht like loving and fucking in one word? lol...wut is flucking?
11 Mar 2008 17:24 | Quote
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My lord,
You seek such service we can not provide please do visit one of the many places that provide the service you so desperately need.

God Speed Sire,
Kickn Y. Guitar III
2 Jul 2008 21:19 | Quote
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boss, flucking means strimming...
2 Jul 2008 21:21 | Quote
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2 Jul 2008 21:22 | Quote
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You mean strumming?

It's all in the wrist my friend. Usually when I strum I take my wrist off the bridge and leave my forearm anchored to the guitar. Then just strum the guitar up and down.
2 Jul 2008 23:14 | Quote
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flucking and strimming hmmmmmmmmmm.....

well if you mean "Plucking" and "Strumming" then yes foogered advice is good, just get the rythm and timing correct.
2 Jul 2008 23:17 | Quote
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EMB5490 says:
flucking? is tht like loving and fucking in one word? lol...wut is flucking?

I don't care who your are that there is funny

I think if your staring out learning chords get a metronome or a drum machine and set it slow like 60 or 60 and try and hit the chord on every quarter note. progress from there but you need to learn good timing and if your into love song and such you don't really need to play fast.

is that what you were looking for?

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